Hanu Hawaii was created by Kahanulani Mina in 2012, a teenager at the time with a sewing machine & a vision.  Home birthed & raised on her parent's Organic micro-green farm in the middle of the pacific, Kahanulani “the breath of heaven" established a love for nature from Mauka(mountain) to Makai(sea) at an early age with a creative flair for fashion.  Connecting the dots, this Coconut girl in a high fashioned world embraced the raw elements of her island home lifestyle & found herself wearing bikinis more than anything. With that she felt inspired to start sewing her own swimsuits at the age of thirteen & ended up falling in love with the process.  Her friends, then friends of friends started buying into the quality and creativity of her designs which empowered her more to pursue this passion. Completing college level fashion design classes while in high school & also working a summer internship with a local swimwear line, Hanu hit the ground running graduating with a business dream to own and operate one herself.  So she went for it.
Five years later Hanu has hand-made over 10 thousand bikini pieces for women who have valued and supported her grass roots “Hanu Hawaii" line worldwide, continuing to unfold the flower of this dream. 
All of our designs are made for the minimalist on the go.  From chasing waterfalls to wave riding we make sure each piece is versatile & comfortable enough to support you through it all while having the perfect cuts that accentuate the right areas, empowering the confidence that every woman should have.  
Our perfections lie in our imperfections-all shapes, sizes & colors are beautiful. We need to learn how to embrace that more & then pass it onto fellow sisters.  Our mission is to make a piece of aloha that you can take with you anywhere & wear it with pride-feeling into that beautiful goddess that you are.